Children’s Worship

Ronnie Caldwell “Children’s Church Classics”.  Great, fun albums and some good worship, too.

Shout Praises Kids  and Hillsong Children Worship from integrity music.  Lots of good praise and heartfelt worship.

If you are into a more surfing sound, Dean-o and the Dynamos have lots of fun music for kids.Not a lot of real worship, but good, God-centered music.

GoFish: Great music for kids that won’t drive Parents Bonkers!  That’s what they say…and it is true! these guys have a “DooWop” sound that is really enjoyable.  Lots of music for pre-schoolers and a fair amount for older kids.  Great prices on their CD’s!

Yancy: this girl has some great music.  It is very scripturally based and very upbeat.  She compares favorably with the style of top 40 music.  You will find your kids singing her stuff instead of the current junk that’s popular.

Hillsong Kids: is a great source for worship! We sing many of these songs in our adult service. These versions of those songs are energetic and fun for kids to get into. In addition hillsong kids has books, curriculum, and many other resources for parents and families.

Bethel Kids: Like Hillsong, Bethel has many songs that we sing on Sundays in our adult services, but these versions are more attractive to kids. These songs are mainly focused on praising God for who He is and for what He has done!