Having a baby is one of the most life-changing events of a person’s life.  So, more than ever, a parent needs to seek out God.  When we make it a priority to participate in worship services regularly, we can take great strides in knowing Him and partnering with Him in raising our kids.  At Foothills, it is easy to see that we value children.  That helps parents feel good about leaving their little ones in the loving hands of caregivers and meeting with God in the worship service.

Our Mission Statement in the Nursery reflects our heart for your youngest children:

Our purpose is to be a safe and loving place for children to begin to trust in and be loved by their Heavenly Father.  We believe that this trust can begin in His Church, His earthly “extended family.”  We aim to help parents worship and hear the Message without distraction or concern for their little loved one.  For the Nursery volunteers, serving in this way is an act of worship, and we come with hearts prepared.