Children’s Parenting

Parenting is a tough job.  We can all be great parents…it just takes hard work, a rock-solid commitment, and some good resources.  I have used the resources below for many years in raising my children and in the parenting class my wife and I have taught for around 10 years.


Anything by Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family is great stuff.  A good starter book is “Dare to Discipline”.  Others include “The Strong Willed Child” and “Parenting isn’t for cowards”.

Focus on the Family has lots of great DVD seminars. Two I have found particularly useful are“Essentials of Discipline” and “Bringing Up boys”.

 Dr. Kevin Lehman is a prolific author.  He has many good books and several great video seminars. Again, I would highly recommend his stuff.  Check out his is an organization that has tons of helpful resources to help you understand parenting and to be committed to it.  It is very practical help, including a very unique and “can’t live without” book called “For Instructions in Righteousness”.  Get it and put it into practice!

The National Center for biblical parenting is just a fabulous resource!  These people focus on the heart of a child and the conscience.Check out parenting is heart work and say goodbye to whining, complaining and bad attitudes in you and your kids.



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