At Foothills we believe that God draws near to those who bring His kids to Him – and that’s because He loves to hang out with kids.  Our promise to you is that when your kids are at Foothills they will have the opportunity to draw near to God, know Him, learn about His amazing goodness and have a fun time with friends!

Christian music artist David Crowder sings a song titled, “Our Love is Loud”.  At Foothills that love is extravagantly expressed by the hundreds of kids who come here each week to be with Jesus, and from the sound of it – they really, really love Him.  We invite you to drop in on your kids anytime you like and hear for yourself!

As the leaders of the Foothills Children’s Ministry we are always available to parents – and we would really enjoy hearing from you.  Please drop either of us a note at  or or call us at (619) 442-7728.